Our Team

We are baby boomers who have watched family members reject available mobility aids and choose instead to walk less.  We have accepted the challenge to design innovative, simple and elegant products that our friends will want to use.  And because it's the 21st Century, we're incorporating sensors and connectivity - why not have a little fun? 

Donna Abrahamson

Founding partner

Donna is an experienced business executive with roles at Fidelity Investments, Montgomery Asset Mgt and GT Global.  She has held multiple non-profit board seats.

Lennie Gotcher

Founding Partner

Lennie began her career in international shipping and logistics, holding roles at Chevron and Star Shipping, and has been active with multiple boards. 

Libby O'Leary

founding partner

Libby began her career as a commercial transactions and corporate attorney in New York, and has since held multiple non-profit board seats.  


  • Barbara Beskind, IDEO
  • Kelly McKenna, JP Morgan Chase
  • Kelly Dachtler, Brand Marketing
  • John Whitworth, ME Stanford
  • Diem Ho, Design Consultant
  • Dan Lazier, ME Iotera
  • Bruce Eng, Sozo Design
  • David Gonzales, Sozo Design
  • Kyle Klimas, Bicycle Specialist
  • Steve Bard, COO Zazove Assoc.